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answers to common questions
When should I expect to break even on the cost of my solar system

It is common for our customers to see a break-even point on their investment within 5-6 years. 

Can you help with financing?

Financing is critical, and we have excellent recommendations for financing options that can help inform your decision.

Will solar increase the value of my home?

Nationally, Zillow finds that homes with solar can be up to 4.1% more valuable. Other studies find that they sell faster. 

Can you help me with the 26% federal tax credit?

Absolutely! We know all about this and the requirements needed for this incredible tax credit. 

Can I get the 26% tax credit on my new carport that has solar panels?

Yes! If you are building a carport and want to put solar panels on it, the carport structure is supporting the panels, so the cost of the materials and labor to build the carport qualify for the 26% tax credit. 

What is the impact of solar on the environment?

Solar energy reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and promotes cleaner air, and it greatly reduces the amount of CO2 in the air. More good news, we have come a very long way in recycling the panels … something that was poorly done decades ago.

Can panels be hidden from the street view?

We can get creative with panel placement. From the the ground, to the roof or the carport, there are ways we can work with placement. We will do an assessment to see where the best production would be and then discuss the placement with the homeowner. 

I have pipes on my roof. Is that a problem?

Often we can re-route roof pipes to allow solar panels to be connected in a seamless, unbroken plane. Our customers often prefer this look.

Do solar panels last for decades?

Yes, and they even have a 25-year warranty!

Do you offer a special warranty on the install?

Yes, and we’re glad you asked, because we are one of a very short list of companies offering a 10-year warranty on our craftsmanship and installation.


If you have additional questions, we are eager to answer them. The best customer is one who is fully educated and informed on the value of solar energy.